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The Community & Social Responsibility

This firm believes that Community and Social Responsibility revolves around the understanding of the impact our business has on the environment, the welfare of individuals, the community and the sustainability of the world’s resources. Running the Firm in the local community goes beyond making profits and acquiring wealth and we therefore acknowledge our obligation to consider the wider interests of our clients, employees and the community in which we function. A responsible approach in these areas can lead to greater efficiencies, lower costs and an improved reputation as a responsible service provider and employer.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the local, national and global environment and we encourage our employees and all those with whom we do business to do likewise. The Firm will aim to:

  • Raise the environmental awareness of those with whom it has contact and encourage them to make environmentally sound and sustainable decisions;
  • Encourage the efficient and least environmentally damaging use of energy;
  • Encourage the use by ourselves and our suppliers/contractors of environmentally sound and sustainable resources;
  • Reduce the quantity of waste produced to a minimum and recycle waste material wherever possible; and
  • Offer employees a safe, hygienic and as far as possible, an attractive working environment.